The emotional bond is now almost crafted. All that's left after a proper third stage
of ATTACK and CONFESS. Here the recruit learns your REASON WHY!

They learn WHY you are going to work so hard, they learn WHY you will support them so loyally.

It's Step Four in the logical staging of the serving (selling) process.

Here you serve up your heart and CONFESS the inner driving forces that move you. Here you reveal from where your conviction and commitment pulls from. NOW you make your confession of your deep driving need to support your WHY. It is here that the recruit realize your deep level of purpose you possess so that you have to reproduce yourself in your new recruit. So that your NETWORK goes fractal and spawns itself as a VIRAL NETWORK exploding beyond your control.

HERE you CONFESS to your recruit that your only hope of success is to find like minded deeply committed teammates that go to war together.

This is where the decision to JOIN THE TEAM is almost set for the CLOSE.

If we do this right, by the time your recruit gets to this page, they will be begging for the SOLUTION!